Monday, November 16, 2009

Looks like I Won't be Going to Skepticon

My stepdad is not allowing me to drive there. So unless one of my readers knows someone In the Kansas City MO area, or someone who will be passing through here on their way, I won't be able to go.


  1. Aww... I know a man in Kansas City who is driving to Skepticon. He's even going to be picking up Richard Carrier at the airport and taking him in, so if you can convince him to give you a ride, that will be lots of fun! (BTW, your comment box completely sucks, cuz it won't let me paste.) Get in touch with him here: [yes, there are two dashes]. You have a good chance of talking him into it if you can impress him with the high quality of your blog posts. ;)

  2. You mean Russell Pisciotta? I sent him a message last night. Him and the 11 other people listed as yes and maybe on the facebook page.

    btw, I can paste fine, might be something on your end. I also have no control over that im afraid. That is all blogger.