Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Churching an Atheist: It takes Faith to be an Atheist?

I went to church tonight. I know, you are thinking "Why in the fuck would you do that?"

The reason I went was to get my mind of some things. I figured that there would be no better way than challenging some Christians in the nature of their theology. It was interesting. The lesson started by asking us questions with 2 answers. The first answer was 'from Satan' and the second was 'from God' and, as I expected, I was 100% satanic. The teacher(Devin) asked how we should deal with hardship, and of course someone(Brittany) said 'praying to God.' Devin said that was a good answer, but I asked him how you account for people like me who asked God for help again and again and again and felt nothing.  Brittany responds 'take it on faith that God will help.' I start to chuckle, and Devin correctly noted that that was unlikely to sway a skeptic like me. Yet, after getting that right, he fails by making the old 'atheism takes as much faith as believing in god does' which I brought up after class to him.

I told him that Atheism is not a matter of faith. He stated that it does, because being certain there is no god is just as much a mater of faith as being certain there is a god. I told him that that is not what an atheist is. An atheist is anyone who does not positively affirm the existence of god. I then stated that assuming nonexistence until evidence of existence is the rational way to go. After all, you wouldn't believe in a two horned purple unicorn just because I said so, would you? He responded with a 'but you take history books on faith because you weren't there' argument, which is foolish. Saying that a reliable well documented source takes faith to believe in the same way that the words of a bunch of ancient goat herders does is quite a stretch. It was after this that I had to leave.

I intend for this to be a weekly feature, on Sundays(or the occasional Wednesday), entitled "Churching an Atheist"

EDIT: remembered something after posting. I had a member of the group admit to me that they didn't believe in god. That first dissenting voice makes the second easier. I will keep their identity secret because a few members of the church may read this blog.


  1. It's surprising how many of my old church friends are now atheists, myself included. Unsurprisingly, it's the more intelligent ones who no longer believe in God.

    Keep up the good work, comrade, and hang in there with your family. My mother prays for my damned soul, too.

  2. Thanks stig. Means a lot to hear the encouragement.

  3. One of them actually admitted to not believing in God? Wow, I wonder how many of my old church friends are actually atheists...but I'll never go back to find out. :P

    Looking forward to your "Churching an Atheist" series. :)

  4. Thanks Emiline!

    That same girl came to church stoned today. I coached her through how to avoid being noticed(because the shitstorm she'd get over smoking a harmless plant would be saddening).

    Think you could invite me to read your blog?

  5. Sure! I don't really update it that much. I really just have it to read my friend's private blog. lol But I do occasionally post something. :P

  6. I think I need your email address though...if there's another way, please tell me. I'm very new to blogger. ^^;

  7. boo hoo you didnt get your way your not gonna get a silver spoon everytime you ask for something