Sunday, November 1, 2009

Carnival of the Godless #129

I would first off like to welcome you to my blog, as im sure 90% of you haven't been here before. It's a nice place, and just crazy enough for a carnival. Anywhoo... where was I? Oh yes...

Welcome to the 128th edition of the Carnival of the Godless! I hope you enjoy it, and find the posts as fascinating as I did.

Michael Meadon presents On the Evils of Religion posted at Ionian Enchantment. It is a neat post, detailing the view that it is the traits of religion, not religion itself, that is the great evil.

Eric Michael Johnson posts Science and the Worship of Truth at The Primate Diaries, which details the problems with the old 'science is a religion' canard.

Zhu bring us It's Okay Not To Believe from Correr Es Mi Destino. He shows why prosthelytizing is pointless.

Rick Foreman has Moses Goes Down (in flames) In the Promised Land at Waiting for the Singularity. He tells us of just how lacking evidence is for the Exodus.

Reed Braden presents God IS Allowed in Schools and Secularism is NOT Hatred posted at The Gaytheists. He points out that God is not barred at school on a personal level, and that secular edducation is not an attack on christianity.

Michael Fridman shows the flaws in Arguing For God's Existence From Objective Morality at a Nadder! He brings us a retort to William Lane Craigs 'objective morality' proof of god.

Jeffrey Stingerstein brings up Martyrdom and the Victim Mentality of Christians posted at Disillusioned Words. He gives his perspective on just why exactly that Christians have a martyrdom complex.

That's it for this Carnival! Hope you enjoyed it, and found a few new blogs to follow. Submit your posts for the next one here!


  1. I think it's funny that you misspelled education. ;)

  2. If you had told Philly, "I don't know what you mean. It is spelled correctly," it would have been a nice analogy for religious belief.

  3. @postman: true, but then I would be analogous to a deluded religious person *shudder*