Thursday, December 24, 2009

Apparently I've Reached the Big Time

I got the "honor" of being trolled by that jackass David Mabus. If that name isn't familiar, he is the guy who rants about how evil atheists are, and mentions Nostradamus. Here is his comment, in full. It seems to be the same screed he has been copypasting on several sites.

Looks like your website is under attack from supernatural forces...

First of all: Nostradamus demolishes "atheism"

__________________________________________________ __
wait, wait...

I forgot something...

you little shits even talk about me....



Sing from the rooftops:

"Atheism is dead!"



these little insignificant fools try to use science to destroy every mystery in the universe...

but not this one! 
 Oh yay me! Im popular enough to get trolled... lol.

Is there a way to block a commenter on here?


  1. so I dont suppose you celebrate Christmas?, Easter , visit the cities of Los Angeles , San Fransisco, Saint Joe, Play the ever popular God of War videogames how could you play God of War supporting any form of deity? And in one of your earlier blogs you mentioned doing good for society? on what basis do you have good where do your principals come from?

  2. What does ANY of that have to do with anything? Celebrating a secularized version of a once religious holiday means nothing? Apparently I cant even visit religiously named cities(that... in the case of LA and SF, aren't the most religious anyway. I do play GoW. How is that endorsing a deity at all? My basis for good is my personal beliefs combined with societal consensus.

  3. ArnoldtheatheinatorDecember 26, 2009 at 7:19 PM

    It has everything to do with everything as an atheist shouldnt you be the most hardcore or at least content reading some of your ramblings your not content as an atheist I know a thousand different atheists that are nice human beings that arent loud , obnoxious, and most of all hateful about their atheisim. Sure we disagree on lifestyle but we get along and can be civil I find nothing civil about this blog. Spread Love not Hate!