Sunday, December 6, 2009

Carnival of the Godless #130

Welcome to Carnival of the Godless 130!

Paul Fidalgo presents Newsweek religion columnist calls atheists 'adolescent regurgitators' posted at Secularism Examiner. In the post, he comments on Lisa Miller's Newsweek column that is little more than an atheist bash fest.

Eric Michael Johnson presents Friday Rant: "Militant" Atheists and Freedom From Religion posted at The Primate Diaries. It details how inaccurate the description of 'militant atheists' is. Those atheists and their militant acts like having an opinion!

Michelle Bell presents Marriage, or why I really really want same sex couples to be able to marry. posted at The Gaytheists, saying, "Essentially why straight people that don't buy into the traditional marriage, even just a little bit, should be supporting equal gay marriage rights. Could be classed under the idea of separation of church and state, as the main political arguments against gay marriage have no basis in actual reality and more basis in outdated patriarchal religions that get their panties in a knot about things that threaten their supremacy."

Jeff Satterley presents Infallible Failure: Dealing with Death posted at Infallible Failure. It is an interesting piece on how an atheist deals with their own eventual death.

Asha presents Gods Unvanquished posted at Scientific Blogging - The world's best scientists. The internet's smartest readers, saying, "Hi,
I am starting a new series on evolution and morality. In it I hope to make the case for looking at morality from a purely biological point of view.

Andrew Bernardin presents Sunday Sacrilege: God is a Mighty Duck posted at The Evolving Mind. It is a satirical post on seeing signs of god in random objects.

Gary Williams presents An Evolutionary Argument for Atheism posted at Minds and Brains.

Neosnowqueen presents No Love: The War on Christmas posted at Winter Harvest. She shows how opposing Christian exclusivity in the holidays could be good for the Christians.

Michael Fridman presents CS Lewis, Morality & Intuition as a Scientific Tool -- a Nadder! posted at a Nadder!. It is a critique of CS Lewis's argument from morality and a look at how religious thinking often uses intuition as a scientific tool in order to appeal to people's "common sense".

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