Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still a Lie

Sorry I haven't posted much lately(does anyone still read this anyway?). Anyway, I saw this and laughed so hard, and had to share.


  1. science and religion are very closely interwoven nut jobs like yourself try and separate them. Oh and keep your facts straight Separation of church and state is found no where in a legal government document it was in a personal letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to a church that feared being taxed that is where the term comes from. Look at the constitution and all our other historical documents you wont find one mention of separation of church and state. You will find that every president has mentioned a higher power yes even the not so religious as Thomas Jefferson acknowledges a God. And has not every president to this day take oath upon a bible?

  2. Um.... There is this little thing called the first amendment. THAT is the separation of church and state.

  3. that is the freedom of religion not the separation of church and state. No one is required to be a christian everyone is free to be what they want. Might wanna read more closely