Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Windows 7

I have been hitting it heavy on the Atheism posts to start with, but, as I said in my introductory post, I am also a nerd, and will write about Tech. I decided today to make my first technology post about Windows 7. For those of you who don't know, it is Microsoft's next version of Windows, set to release Thursday. Windows 7 has many perks over Vista:

  1. It's shiny! - The new Aero tweaks make 7 look cooler. One neat difference is that the taskbar and the title bar stay transparent when maximized, which was sadly lacking in Vista.
  2. It's faster - it starts up quicker and is more responsive. A new desktop window manager driver update makes it use less memory as well.
  3. Libraries - Having 1 music folder that displays everything from several locations is useful.
  4. New taskbar - the new taskbar is very different from Vista's. It will get it's own post after I install 7 on thursday. It now puts all instances of 1 application in one icon. Yay for saving space! It also has a dedicated Show Desktop button.
  5. Jump lists - little popups that come up with a right click on a taskbar icon. these can contain anything the developer chooses. Frequently browsed web sites in Internet Explorer, favorite songs in Windows Media Player
  6. Tons of little things - Easier control of User Account Control, better wifi management, being able to easily 'snap' a window to 1 side of the screen.
All in all, 7 looks great. I cant wait for Thursday!

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